America in Transition is a documentary series exploring community, family, and faith for #trans people of color across the United States. Director, Andre Perez, is a latinx, #genderqueer #transmasculine person from the #South who started this project two years ago because he wanted to return to return home and work with local folks to shed light on what it’s like to live there during the tumult of social change. He gathered trans leaders from black and brown communities from the south and Midwest, asking the question–what would a transformative documentary look like? What would it be about? Who would be in it? America in Transition is born from the answers to those questions.

Trans people have been fighting for their right to exist in the south for a long, and recent attacks on rural trans communities extends far beyond bathrooms. We want to shed light on what life is really like for a latinx veteran, a trans woman living with #HIV in Arkansas, a two-spirit artist on a mission of cultural preservation, a trans woman who fled to the United States after receiving death threats from the police, and more.

America in Transition is more than a series, it’s a community engagement campaign that is hosting discussions and screenings in places where we most need to have these conversations–churches, high schools, rural community centers. We plan to develop an interactive platform and releasing curriculums and workshops that will serve as tools for local organizers who want to activate allies in their own communities. The time is now. Only by joining forces can we challenge ourselves and one another to make a place for trans folks everywhere. Show us that #WeBelong by making a tax-deductible donation today.

You can access our crowdfunding campaign here.