Overall Summary of America in Transition in 2018

The America in Transition team decided to experiment with versioning. We made an agreement with Revry to release three thematic, woven minisodes as a separate Digital Series which debuted on IGTV over Thanksgiving weekend. The content will be available online for free to general audiences and community groups by visiting Revry at this link.

We are continuing to build on our business model of charging universities to supplement low cost community programming. Our trans people of color speaker bureau has continued to thrive, with over fifty events that include screenings alongside lectures, workshops, or professional development trainings so that we can use storytelling to create social change.

Now in Post-Production- Where is My Refuge

After growing up misunderstood in India, Nina fell in love with another trans woman in the Bay. Together, they built a suicide hotline by connecting with thousands of trans people on cross country road trips. Her life changed in an instant when Arizona authorities stopped her for being brown. A week in a detention facility changed the trajectory of her life, and now she’s more committed than ever to create a space for trans people to heal.

2019 & Beyond!

We are proud to announce that we will premiere America in Transition’s Season 1 at the end of March! We are coordinating with local and national groups to host 100 free community screenings on Trans Day of Visibility to amplify trans people of color’s voices. All hosts will receive a free organizer toolkit with discussion questions, an event accessibility checklist, flyer templates, and more to help promote dialogue.

We need your help spreading the word. Do you know any LBGTQ groups, churches, or other community venues who would be excited to host a Trans Day of Visibility community screening? Click here, send the link to the organization, or contact us directly. 

Do you know a college, university, or cultural institution who is looking for educational programming in 2019 or 2020? Click here to learn more about hosting a trans speaker, workshop, or screening. We also sell DVD copies for libraries and can adapt programming to fit the needs of any institution.

Together anything is possible,

The America in Transition Team