#wewontbeerased Tour!

Trans people are under attack! Over the past year, a dozen states have proposed laws trying to prevent us from using public restrooms, enable medical providers to reject us as patients and prevent civil rights laws from being passed well into the future. Now Trump is denying our very existence just a […]


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National Coming Out Day Spotlight: Dezjorn Gauthier

Each and every person has there own unique story about coming out. These stories are inspiring, personal and life-changing. Some folks have more positive stories than others but that does not make ones story better than another. My story is definitely not the average. Transgender folx sometimes have two coming […]


Birmingham, AL Screening

February 20th, 2018 11am-12pm Birmingham Southern University Black History Month is here again! We’re excited to honor on transcestors by sharing the stories and perspectives of black trans folks today. Join us for a doubleheader screening followed by a discussion with star of episode 2, Dezjorn Gauthier. EP 1: LEARNING TO RECOGNIZE MYSELF AGAIN […]

Boston, MA Screening and Discussion

February 12, 2018 at 5pm Massachusetts Institute of Technology Join us as we screen our second episodes of America in Transition, a new documentary series exploring community, family, and social issues for trans people of color across the United States. EP 2: A FAMILY MATTER Milwaukee, WI: Dezjourn is a […]


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6 Memorable Moments of America in Transition in 2017

1. Unlearning White Supremacy in the LGBTQ Community When we set out to make America in Transition, we talked with trans people of color leaders from the Trans Latina Coalition, Black Trans Advocacy, Black Trans Man Inc, Trans Lifeline, and we asked them–what is necessary to help our movement evolve to be […]

A Queer and Gender Variant History of Halloween!

Source   Initially beginning as a holiday for souls and saints, ‘All Hallows Eve’ gently transformed into a time for independence by the turn of 20th century. At a time when LGBTQ people were arrested for being caught in public wearing three or more items of clothing of the “opposite […]



LGBTQ Refugees Caught in Limbo

This year, refugees have been brought to the forefront of the American consciousness with the shocking news of Trump’s travel ban and his horrifying views on Mexican immigration. On this #WorldRefugeeDay we want to highlight LGBTQ folks seeking asylum. Zuri, the storyteller from America in Transition Episode 4: Where Is My […]