How can you get involved in America in Transition?

AISquareWebsite21) Host a Screening

We are looking for host organizations to put on screenings, workshops, and discussions in the South this October. We will be going to colleges and universities as well as community venues such as community centers, PFLAG chapters, churches, etc. in order to connect trans people across the south and instigate conversations with ever day people to help inspire empathy with our community. We are open to participating in a lot of different kinds of events or being part of a larger program. Contact us with your ideas if you are interested.

2) Join Our Production Team

Do you have experience in video production? We are looking for people who can commit 5-30 AISquareWebsite3hours per week to helping make America in Transition a reality. We need a Producer, Director of Cinematography, Video Editor, and Community Engagement Coordinator. Learn more about what we are looking for here. We are excited to include people of color and trans people on our production team, though we do not discriminate.

3) Give Today

America in Transition needs your help to become a reality. Every day trans people are kicked out by their families of origin and others commit suicide because they don’t believe they can live their truth.

AISquareWebsite4If you believe in the power of story telling and community-building, please donate today using our secure payment system.

  •      $20 pays to share our videos online with diverse communities
  •      $40 pays to add closed caption to an episode
  •      $75 pays for food at a public dialogue
  •      $100 pays for a translator during an interview
  •      $200 pays to repair broken equipment
  •      $350 pays to fly to an underrepresented community
  •      $500 pays to bring AIT programming to a high school GSA

All donations are tax deductible. If you have any questions or concerns you’d like to clear up before donating, please contact us now.