1. Become an Ambassador

Do you love community-building and storytelling? As an AIT Ambassador, you’ll help grow the project by helping us reach people who will love it by: connecting AIT with orgs that will host screenings, spreading the word about events in your area, promoting media online by sharing, interacting on social media, and helping us reach more people to make a difference. Sound fun? Contact us.

2. Bring Us to Your College

We offer customized screenings, workshops, and lectures by trans people of color for a variety of audiences including LGBTQ Student Centers, Multicultural Student Affairs, and more. If you work at a college or are part of a student organization, check out some of the intersectional programming we offer.

Renae Taylor speaks out about trans marginalization in LGBT non-profits

3. Host a Community Screening

We are looking for partners that are individuals or organizations who want to host screenings in their community this November. If you’re interested, please fill this out so we can be in touch.

4. Volunteer for Social Media

We’re looking for volunteers to post regularly on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. We are also interested in volunteers who are interested in guest writing for the AIT blog. If you are interested, contact us.

5. Make a tax-deductible donation!

America in Transition needs your help to grow. Everyday trans people are kicked out by their families of origin and others commit suicide because they don’t believe they can live their truth. If you believe in the power of storytelling to change society and build community, please donate today or contact us about hosting a fundraiser in your community.