Submit Your Story

Who do we want to hear from?

We want to hear from a variety of transgender, trans, gender variant, two-spirit, and gender non-conforming people. We’re excited to hear from folks with intersectional identities. We would especially love to feature: religious minorities, people from rural places, immigrants, folks of color, elderly folks, children, sex workers, folks with disabilities, and folks living in the south. We are also very interested in stories that focus on the relationship between trans folks and lovers, relatives, mentors, friends or other folks in your community.


What should your story be about?

Describe an event, place or person, that shaped who you are. It does not need to focus on your trans identity. Feel free to discuss your first kiss, near death experience, having a child, discovering your faith, doing sex work, being in an abusive relationship, etc.


Will you be compensated?

This project is not-for-profit and subjects cannot be compensated. However, we can support participation in other ways including translators, food, transportation, etc.


How do you submit?

If you are interested in your story being featured by America in Transition, please write and submit a brief overview. Send us a description of yourself and your story (up to 700 words) to AmericaInTransition @ . We will confirm immediately, and get back to you later on in the production process when we are able to start shooting interviews.