A Queer and Gender Variant History of Halloween!

Source   Initially beginning as a holiday for souls and saints, ‘All Hallows Eve’ gently transformed into a time for independence by the turn of 20th century. At a time when LGBTQ people were arrested for being caught in public wearing three or more items of clothing of the “opposite […]



Ep 4: Production!

  Talking about gender is hard! Zuri, featured in Episode 4, came out to a good butch dyke friend this weekend. The group touched on lots of topics, but kept coming back to the same question– If you could go back in time and be born a different gender, would […]

Called to Serve: America in Transition Community Premiere Party

Join United Latino Pride (all are welcome), and be the first to see America in Transition Episode 3, Called to Serve. After his family rejected him, Z Shane Zaldivar becomes the marine he always wanted to be. His life is upended when he’s kicked out under Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, and he becomes an unlikely activist. […]

Called to Serve