Trump’s #Transban is Nothing New.

Trump’s #Transban is nothing new. Trans people of color have been fighting exclusion and bigotry for over a decade, and we won’t stop anytime soon! After his family and church rejected him, Z Shane Zaldivar became the marine he always wanted to be. His life is upended when he’s kicked out under Don’t Ask […]

8 Days Left of our Kickstarter! #WeBelong

Hey y’all we are in our final stretch! We are currently halfway funded and need your help with our campaign #WeBelong which has been selected as a Kickstarter Project We Love. America in Transition is a documentary series exploring community, family, and faith for trans people of color across the United States. Director, Andre […]


Our Crowdfunding Campaign is Live!

America in Transition is a documentary series exploring community, family, and faith for #trans people of color across the United States. Director, Andre Perez, is a latinx, #genderqueer #transmasculine person from the #South who started this project two years ago because he wanted to return to return home and work […]

Ep 4: Production!

  Talking about gender is hard! Zuri, featured in Episode 4, came out to a good butch dyke friend this weekend. The group touched on lots of topics, but kept coming back to the same question– If you could go back in time and be born a different gender, would […]


EP 2: A Family Matter Trailer

Milwaukee, WI: Dezjorn is a pretty boy. After modeling from infancy, his mother struggles to understand why her child wanted to become a man. Even as he became a transgender public figure, he hid his gender identity from his mom. Now they are trying to understand one another before it’s […]

EP 1: Learning to Recognize Myself Again Trailer

  Arkansas: The threat of violence is an everyday experience for trans people. When Tiommi Luckett’s worst fears come true, she struggles to reconnect with the bold, adventurous woman she’s always been against a backdrop of self-imposed isolation. Episode addresses HIV criminalization, sexual violence, and healing from trauma.


Trans Education for Liberation: #GettingOurRoses from UNCC to high school students in Missouri

The tour started with a bang in North Carolina. 200 people joined us between the Intersectionality in Our Work workshop with UNCC Staff and a student screening and conversation with Director, Andre Perez and storyteller, Tiommi Luckett. On the heels of the news that HB2 had been fake repealed, we also were excited to meet […]

#SouthSpeaksOut Amidst Hostility, Trans Filmmaker Returns the South to Spark Dialogue

America in Transition flips the script, focusing on changing social realities for trans people across the country. Award-winning Director, André Pérez, Founded the Trans Oral Project eight years ago. After collecting 500 stories as part of StoryCorps, he left to create America in Transition, a web series, interactive documentary, and […]



What is America in Transition?

America in Transition (AIT) is a documentary web series and community engagement campaign that explores what social change really looks like from the perspective of trans people from marginalized communities. Director, André Pérez, founded the Trans Oral History Project seven years ago motivated by the isolation he felt growing up in a […]