Filming in NC One Year After HB2, and Prepping for a Crowdfunding Campaign!

We Visited North Carolina on the Anniversary of HB2. “The story didn’t start with HB2 and it won’t end with it either!” says Z Shane Zaldivar, reflecting on the landmark legislation that kicked off a wave of repressive bathrooms bills in the South. The past year hit Z’s community hard — from police shootings […]



Trans Education for Liberation: #GettingOurRoses from UNCC to high school students in Missouri

The tour started with a bang in North Carolina. 200 people joined us between the Intersectionality in Our Work workshop with UNCC Staff and a student screening and conversation with Director, Andre Perez and storyteller, Tiommi Luckett. On the heels of the news that HB2 had been fake repealed, we also were excited to meet […]