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We have completed two episodes, which are available for screenings at universities, community organizations, and companies. For more information about hosting a screening, click here. If you are an online distributor or news organization interested in partnering, contact us for a screener. Get a taste below by previewing our trailers.


Arkansas: The threat of violence is an everyday experience for trans people. When Tiommi Luckett’s worst fears come true, she struggles to reconnect with the bold, adventurous woman she’s always been against a backdrop of self-imposed isolation. Episode addresses HIV criminalization, sexual violence, and healing from trauma.


Milwaukee, WI: Dezjorn is a pretty boy. After modeling from infancy, his mother struggles to understand why her child wanted to become a man. Even as he became a transgender public figure, he hid his gender identity from his mom. Now they are trying to understand one another before it’s too late. Episode addresses family acceptance and social transitioning.

Ep3: Called to Serve

North Carolina: After his family and church rejected him, Z becomes the marine he always wanted to be. His life is upended when he’s kicked out under Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, and he becomes an unlikely activist. Join Z as he searches for love and belonging amidst rising political tensions. Episode addresses civil rights, faith, and LGBTQ history.

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