What is AIT?


America in Transition (AIT) is a documentary series and community engagement campaign that explores community, family, and social issues for trans people of color across the United States.

Director, André Pérez, founded the Trans Oral History Project seven years ago motivated by the isolation he felt growing up in a military family in Virginia. Join Pérez on his journey across the country to document real life for a daughter mourning her mom, a veteran seeking redemption, and woman fleeing Mexico after a friend is beheaded. AIT plans to release lesson plans for each episode that explore social issues in greater depth. Join him in the behind-the-scenes series on youtube as he travels and shoots AIT in 2017 leading up to the series release in November.

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America in Transition is about supporting the fight for trans liberation by hosting discussions and screenings in places where we most need to have these conversations–churches, high schools, rural community centers. We plan to work with Community Action Partners to develop an interactive platform and releasing curriculums and workshops that will serve as tools for local organizers who want to activate allies in their own communities.

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